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Mission: Flag Recovery

Combining the Fun of a Scavenger Hunt and Capture The Flag

City Chase

Cops and Robbers Behind The Wheel

Mission: Flag Recovery
Travis spent many months working in the basement with his dad (and sometimes his sister) producing copies of this game. While working on the game it evolved from hand cut and stapled envelopes...

To small envelopes...

To its final version.

Here some pictures of the production table.


We have sold the game at several festivals and events.

An Earth Day Event in York

Our Neighborhood Yard Sale

Elizabethtown Downtown Sidewalk Sales

Elizabethtown Second Friday Event

Elizabethtown Art Walk

York First Friday ChristmasTree Lighting Event

Elizabethtown Holiday Craft Fair

Travis has even given a couple copies to some musicians that he likes and got these autographs:

Trent Dabbs wrote, "Your Game is the coolest!!"

Justin from Humming House wrote, "Thanks for Mission: Flag Recovery! Can't wait to try it out!" (Each member wrote their favorite candy bar - a question Travis always asks of musicians).